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 Competitive Spirits!

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Hott Armante

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PostSubject: Competitive Spirits!   Sun Oct 19, 2008 7:18 pm

alright so here is where we will post our competitions you may compete with anyone and even bet points on who wins the competition.. but there are a few rules and these would be them:

1: do not post more than 3 uncompleted competitions
2: you may offer to bet points on who will win the competition but the bet has to be between 2 or more ppl meaning all people in the bet must be in agreement
3: do not fill up this thread with posts on betting either state your bet and edit your messages to update who is in the bet or pm about it.
4: have fun

you may only post as many points as you currently have and don't worry if your points aren't automatically transferred this has to be done manually so it might take a lil while.

*also if there is a person in the forums that you are competing with that has a different name than their rs name you should put that in there too

for example of a contest banner:

Hott Armante vs.Cronollo to 92 fm

to make your own contest banner go here!


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Competitive Spirits!
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